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Slender Body Wraps System
Calling all Spa, Salon and Studio Owners!
Double your Income!

The Slender Body Wraps System was developed over the years beginning in 1998 as Holistic Body Solutions, coming full circle in 2012. We love what we do, as do our clients. Our spa offers numerous skin, eyelash, and clinical treatments and year after year our Slender Body Wraps continue to lead the way in sales. Realizing this, we decided to branch out as we have clients that drive as far as 2.5 hours for our bodywraps! There is a definite need! You will see:

Earnings of $75 to $95 for each 40 minute session (when combined with your other services this number easily reaches $150-$250) Making each client and your time more profitable.
No additional staffing necessary
Quick set up and easy clean up
Fast return on initial investment
Other services can be performed in conjunction with Slender Body Wraps
Retail support products available for increased profitability 
No special electrical requirements, uses standard 110 volt outlet
Financing Available

With the Slender Bodywraps LLC Body Wrap System in your studio, spa or salon, you will see your revenue dollars increase significantly. Rates are protected at $75.00 per session. To help get you started we offer:

Customized packages to tailor your business needs. Small, medium, or large.
All of our bodywraps systems come with training and support (training can be arranged at your location for a fee if travel is an issue)
Incentive programs available for those wishing to promote our brand

Our system was specifically designed for use in studios, spas and medspa type settings. Our start up packages are available for as little as $900 down!  This allows even small/solo professionals a chance to greatly increase their revenue! A far cry from the  other Body Wrap Systems starting at $8,000-$10,000 that are designed for mass use in tanning salons. We look forward to partnering with you. Contact us now to get started slenderbodywraps@gmail.com

Some of our amazing clients were kind enough to allow us to use their photos. Incredible results!

Interested in the Slender Body Wrap Treatment System?
Give us a call at
(609) 760-0583
Double your income!
Earn up to $250 an hour when you combine services!
Wholesale costs yield fabulous return on your investment!
Slender Body Wraps use of Infrared and Jade Heat Therapies are widely known and accepted as industry leaders in health and weight loss modalities.
"Thank you Slender Body Wraps for helping me lose 12 inches from my waistline and pass my fitness test to receive my promotion!"

From one of our clients that proudly serves in the US Military!